The main aims are as follows:

• by development and implementation of safe working systems and practices it is possible to reduce the likelihood of accidents, incidents and cases of occupational ill health.
• all undertakings will be conducted in such a way to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that employees and others will not be exposed to risk as a result of our activities.
• all work activities will be carried out with proper regard for the relevant statutory provisions and other appropriate standards.
• all employees have a responsibility to work safely in line with statutory requirements and other appropriate standards and identify unsafe working situations.
• Set measurable and realistic environmental objectives and targets to improve the environmental performance across the business.
• Operate and implement Al Mashael Electrical procedures.
• Identify and implement the training needs of our employees, subcontractors and supplier to raise environmental awareness across the business.
• Promote Al Mashael Electrical’s environmental principles to our supply chain to encourage the adoption of appropriate levels of environmental management and to support the Group objectives and targets.
• Source environmentally sustainable materials, reduce our waste and consumption of energy and raw materials and maximize opportunities to re-use and recycle where possible.
• Promote high environmental standards and the use of environmental best practices throughout the business.

Al Mashael Electrical recognizes its responsibility to protect the environment as a Contractor working in the construction industry. This statement is a declaration of the intent to ensure we adequately manage our activities.

This policy will be made available to all interested parties upon request and will be implemented by adopting the following main principles in a proactive manner. Al Mashael Electrical will:

• Comply with relevant legislation, client and other requirements that apply to all our work activities as a minimum.
• Communicate with our stakeholders to ensure minimal environmental impact and, where possible, environmental enhancement.
• Identify and evaluate the environmental aspects of all projects which the company undertakes which may include aspects such as:
- Waste management and minimization
- Air quality
- Noise
- Ground Condition/ land
- Water resources
- Wildlife and habitat
- Archeology and Heritage

Safety Policy

Safety has always been a company prime concern, and our safety record stands for that.

A new comprehensive safety manual has been developed, utilizing the latest techniques and procedures to a more eective safety management.

Concern health, safety, and environmental issues forms an integral part of Al Mashael business policy and the company is committed to the protection of the environment.

This commitment is applied through out the operations of our organization as they are conducted in a manner that safeguards health, protects the environment, conserves valuable materials and resources, and minimizes risk of asset losses